Bughouse chess


The first mobile android App to play bughouse chess online!


Play with friends in one team and win together!


Mode of crazy blitz!


Tension is maintained throughout the game!

simple simple

How does it work?

1) 1 game, 2 boards, 4 players, 2 teams;

2) In each team one player uses white pieces, when another uses black ones;

3) There is a time control;

4) Team members have an ability to see position and time on both boards;

5) Team members can communicate during game play for coordination of actions;

Main principle

1) Captured figure may be passed to a partner in reserve;

2) Figure can be put on the board from reserve instead of a normal move.

Win conditions

A game is lost when one player gets checkmated, or forfeits on time.

Rules used in the app

1) A placed figure can announce both check, and checkmate;

2) A pawn moves to any horizontal, except the first and the last.

3) A pawn can be promoted to another piece of that player\'s choice.

Bughouse feature

If the king is checked and can not be moved or protected by another figure from board, but still can be protected by a figure from the reserve (even if the player does not have it at the moment), such position is called not checkmate, but check. In this case defeat is not recorded. Player may take pause until getting the desired figure, the win of one party on another board or the expiration of time. The checkmate is recognized only on the position, where the king can not be covered from checkmate by any valid way (i.e when the checkmate is given by knight or a checkmate giving figure is standing next to the king or checkmate is given simultaneously by two figures, from which it is impossible to cover the king with one stroke).

Bughouse feature

1) The pawn standing on the second horizontal has the same abilities to move as the pawn initially standing on its original position: the first time a pawn is moved, it has the option of advancing two squares; thus it can be captured with a return move of the opponent.

2) The rook placed on a side board of the first horizontal may take part in a castling as a not yet moved one.

1. Start of online game

Пример в приложении

2. Observe neighbor board

Пример в приложении

3. Possible moves are highlighted

Пример в приложении

4. Captured pieces transferred to the partner reserve

Пример в приложении

5. The figure from the reserve can be set on the board

Пример в приложении

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